I'm an interaction designer with nine years of experience, most recently at Cooper and Smart Design in San Francisco. Before that, I spent two years in the Interaction Design graduate program at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design. At once grueling and exhilarating, it allowed me to explore the future of the discipline.

Interaction, Information, Graphic Design

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The Work

I'm comfortable managing large design efforts, having served as project lead for multidisciplinary teams of writers, engineers, programmers and designers. My background is in graphic design where I excel at presenting complex information with clarity. I'm fascinated by anthropology and design ethnography, and I never miss an opportunity to learn more about human behavior.

Where I'm Going Next

I'm seeking a senior level strategic design position with a firm focusing on advanced research and development in the areas of product, service, or experience design. Learn more about my background or e-mail me at jeff at howardesign dot com.

jeff at howardesign.com