Metafilter Quoting Bookmarklet

This is a bookmarklet. Selectively highlight comment snippits on Metafilter (or its subsites) and use this quoting bookmarklet to automatically copy and format the text as a quote into the comment box at the end of the thread. What are bookmarklets?

Formatting note: The bookmarklet italicizes the comment snippit and includes the username and a link to the original comment. The username and link are omitted for short threads (and in cases where authorship is unclear to the script).

Mefi Quote (drag this link to your bookmark bar)

1. Install the quoting bookmarklet.

2. Navigate to a thread.

3. Highlight comment snippit.

4. Click bookmarklet.

Note: Safari and Firefox only.

The bookmarklet should now work on Metafilter, Ask Metafilter, and Metatalk